About Me

Why you should Travel

Traveling expands our understanding of the human condition and the earth we live with.

When we travel, we learn about ourselves, the family and cultural systems we were born into and how they are working for us, and how they are not.

Living amount other cultures educate us in ways being in our familiar surroundings will never. There isn’t much to learn when we remain in our safe environments.

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My Story

I am a filmmaker and have a background in geology. Experiencing the story of the human condition and the earth has always been a joy for me. From a tiny age, my father would tell me to “sit there and be pretty”. I know, it is rooted in the objectification theory. But what he didn’t know was happening was it was my first lesson in people watching the root of becoming a filmmaker. When you are sitting there and being pretty, not much is going on for you personally and you begin to watch people move and interact. That was the first observation of movement within a frame.

Featured Destinations

I do love fashion as an art form. The current project is to collaborate with a fashion designer to develop a line of high-end teeshirts that educate about Coercive Control.

Santorini – Greece

Paris – France