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I have a dream of living abroad for an extended period of time. The UK is a first location, then France and Switzerland are a few other locations I would enjoy traveling to. I have my eyes set on living in the UK for an extended period of time.


India is the Asian country I am interested in traveling to. The other parts of Asia haven’t been on my radar much.

Middle East & Africa

The Middle East and Africa seem like such another world. I meet professors from Turkey and they were delightful. We talked about me traveling there and I shared a story of an opportunity I passed up in my early 20s to travel there in part due to the film “Midnight Express” was released that same year and I stayed safe and home. I would travel with a partner to many places. So hopefully that will change soon.


I am American. I have Native American (Cherokee) in my ancestor. I have traveled extensively in the United States, approximately, 38 states. I have not traveled to New England, Alaska, Montana, and the Upper Midwestern States. I have traveled to San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja Sur California, Mexico to watch and interact with the Grey Whales. It was amazing. I have been to Canada a bit but not too much.

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