Rene’s system allows you to shoot video like a professional

  • Learn all the elements of a professional video
  • Improve the image of your business using ‘The Video Mentor’.
  • Rene’s system is perfect for Realtors, Entrepreneurs, Business Coaches or any business that wants to improve their online image.

Your success, as a small business coach, depends on how much your coaching is able to help the client generate business. If you are a video maker involved in the business of shooting videos for market promotion and not until then you may need the help of an expert coach who coaches small business coaches. René Estes is one such coach who can teach you on how to make professional videos. She has great knowledge in the field of film making and is able to impart expert coaching to video makers who are expressly involved in video making to attract clients to them.

René teaches you how to make your videos look amazingly beautiful with her easy e-learning educational system that focuses on the art of filmmaking based especially on film theory and production. She has fantastic eye for details which is essential for pre-production, lighting, sound, placement of camera and its movement and consequently has devised a system which will allow you to make outstanding videos that are sure to grab the attention of your potential clients.

If you are struggling with the quality of your video making and are not attracting the clients you want to your business the Video Mentor, developed by René, is the right solution. The Video Mentor e-learning system will teach you how to make your videos look and sound professional.  Your credibility is in the balance without professional looking videos. Learning the art of filmmaking and video making is what will gain your credibility because people have no time to watch you hone your skills on screen.

The system of film making that René Estes has developed is especially suited for people who are watching dull, slow moving, and uninspiring videos and want to watch interesting videos instead.   Your ability to separate yourself from rest of the pack is what’s going to get the business you want. They are those businesses who are involved in real estate, enterprise and business coaching. The online image of your business largely depends on how you present your products/services to customers and with René you could gain the very “ingredients” that are instrumental for making your business videos attractive to the clients you want and improve the exclusivity of your brand.

As a digital marketing company or a solo promotional video maker it is vital to know the tricks on how to make videos for websites which is relevant, focused and of expressive content. People won’t watch your video if it is not appealing, but with Rene’s “The Video Mentor” you will not only make videos compelling to watch, but also transform in to profitable business.

YouTube is a huge advertising medium that attracts millions in online traffic and by learning how to make successful YouTube videos you can garner a big chunk of it for your clients. Call Rene at 970-825-4387 for quick reference.