Audio Video Consulting

Making needs five basic elements that you have to mix in the right blend if you aim to get the desired results. As a video maker for clients or self, you have to get these elements in the right balance may need the services of AV consulting expert. you have the right to guide you through the nuances of film making Her audio video consulting includes the following.

  1.  Story & Script – also called as literary design the idea part primarily include the characters in the film and  their actions. It will also include the setting and the story background or subtext.This part of film making will also include story telling or narrative design and you need to learn all these from the video consultant so you come up with a good product.
  2.  Video/visual design – this side of video making include everything that you see in the frame andon the screen. Components of this aspect will include performance, hair and makeup, lighting,costume, blocking and set design. You will need the expertise of video consultant if you want this part to be executed well.
  3. Cinematography –  it involves what you choose to shoot, camera placing, camera movement, camera angles,  lens choice etc. These elements will have a huge say in the outcome of th visuals and how your audience will react.
  4. Editing  – this part of the film making involves the sequencing of a film after it was shot. Role of the video production consultant becomes significance here because sequencing the shots and pacing of the film rules the overall mood of the presentation.
  5.  Audio/sound design – it is a vital component of film making because it relates to what is being said in the film by the characters and to the audience. Making great videos is OK, but you have to getnthe audio sharp and clear otherwise the entire effort will go waste.

Rene Estes excels in all these departments and has won accolades for many of her works and for her clients. She is a video marketing expert who knows exactly what will work with the audience and manage the above said 5 elements to get the desired results.
Her video consulting services are based on sound knowledge of the audio/video in a film and she has earned through experience and evolving technology. YouTube consulting is her primary forte of video marketing in which she excels and has many successful associations with business coaches.

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