ICF Mentor Coaching

Video making is an intricate business especially when it is made for a client trying to promote products or services. There is a huge difference between shooting a video with a mobile phone professional camera equipment. If you are a business coach who makes product promotion videos for clients you will certainly need more than just videos because the video has to be outstanding to get noticed.

Mentor Coaching Program is devised for video makers like you as it will teach you the finer points of video making The program designed and developed by Rene, is especially made for coaching coaches who make these videos for their business clients. This versatile mentor program is most suitable for realtors who want to make sleek video presentation of the properties and entrepreneurs polishing up their act to impress probable customers.

Icf-mentor-coaching is ideal for businesses attempting to carve a niche for their products and brands. A profession made and imaginatively shot technically superior promotional video is a great attraction and your website will essentially need that to get the attention of online customers. If you have made promotional videos in the past that failed to make the cut with the public, it is time that you spruce up your act by opting for the ICF-mentor program. The mentor coaching video manual will tell you exactly what you need to do to make professional videos. It will enable you to correct your past mistakes and start afresh with new ideas and techniques that you did not use before. Rene, author of the Mentor coaching program holds several distinctions including Bachelor in Film Theory at University of Colorado Boulder, BFA in Film Production from Colorado Boulder and many other certifications and memberships with esteemed educational and business institutions. She has vast experience in film making and has done commendable work for several well known clients. The video mentor program enables you to learn the various aspects of filming such as:

  • Pre-production planning
  • Lighting
  • Camera placement & movement
  • Sounds
  • Staging
  • Post-production work

due time become a professional video maker The ICF-mentor program is easy to follow as it is made available online where Rene, herself will guide you through the various segments of video making and us face it, if your videos are not making much of an impact on viewers then it is time that you video coach mentoring by Rene Dial 970-825-4387 to get in touch with her.