Project Description

Post Production

  • Fade-in/Fade-out A film technique added during post-production editing to signal a gradual transition to and from another shot or image. It directly contrasts a “cut” where there is no transition.
  • Title The title of the production.
  • Intertitles Also known as “subtitles”, this writing is placed within the film post-production to detail dialogue or narration to guide the viewer.
  • Credits Lists the cast and crew involved in the production.
  • Three-point lighting using three lights to illuminate the shot’s subjects and control shadow and highlights.
  • Key light: The principle light source, which shines directly on the subject.
  • Fill light: The softer, less bright light shining on the subject from a side-angle. This light is used to balance the key light by elimination the shadowed surfaces it creates. In some situations, a reflector can be used as a substitute for an actual light.
  • Backlight (shoulder light): A light shone from behind to help separate the subject from the background.

Control Light through the camera

  • F-Stop a lens setting that determines exposure. It also determines the focus of the subject’s surroundings.
  • ISO Speed The international standard measurement of a camera’s sensitivity to light.