Project Description


Sound of the world or for the audience alone.

  • Diegetic sound is the sound the characters within the frame can hear
  • Dialogue
  • Music playing in the room of the scene
  • Foley sound is the sound of everyday life. Such as traffic sound, footsteps, leaves crunching under with weight of the foot.


Non-diegetic sound is sound for the audience alone and the characters cannot hear.

  • Rod Sterling’s Twilight Zone dialogue with the audience.
  • Music played just for the audience but isn’t a part of the scene


  • Omnidirectional microphone is a microphone that picks up sound in all directions.
  • Lavalier Microphone is a small microphone that clips onto the speaker’s shirt to allow hands free sound recording.

Continuity Editing is a system of editing that uses cuts and other transitions to establish a logical coherence between shots.

Control Light through the camera

  • F-Stop a lens setting that determines exposure. It also determines the focus of the subject’s surroundings.
  • ISO Speed The international standard measurement of a camera’s sensitivity to light.